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Equity in Education: How Colorado can keep the American Dream alive for the next generation

Politics today has polarized Coloradans, yet most of us agree that every child should have the opportunity to reach his/her potential regardless of ethnicity, race, or socioeconomic background. Despite differing circumstances, children deserve a chance. But when kids of color and those from low-socioeconomic situations are faced with ever growing adversity, and when social mobility…

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Lucero Montoya-Lopez Speech

This Lucero Montoya-Lopez speech for mentorship and Minds Matter of Denver is an inspiring account of high achievers from low income neighborhoods reach college. Want to mentor someone just like her? Begin the conversation here. 

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What Makes Mentorships Work

Here is a great post excerpted from First Round: “When First Round launched its Mentorship Program in 2016, we didn’t know what to expect. We’d heard from a number of people in our community that mentorship remained an elusive, missing piece in their careers. Younger people said it was intimidating and difficult to find a…

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Stories That Matter: Julia & Dunya

Minds Matter is a program that has a lasting impact on both students and mentors Take a look at Julia & Dunya. Theirs is one of many stories that matter every day in the lives of both students and mentors in our program. This story begins when Dunya arrived to the United States from Ethiopia…

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Pictures Worth a 1000 Posts

Every Monday night the magic happens for Minds Matter Denver at West High and two other locations. This is one instance where a blog post cannot do justice to the pictures. Take a minute and mosey over to our Facebook page to look at all the stars.

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Cold Brew Goes With …

So there is a new commercial out for Verizon that makes really dumb analogies about how certain things go together. They do, however, have a point. Minds Matter Denver has a simple mission–to prove that Genius has no zip code and that people from even the humblest origins can skyrocket to the top of society.…

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There Will Be a Movie Today

At Minds Matter, we’re always thinking about things: students, mentors, teachers. While we spend a great deal of time talking about our students and their mentors we’d like to take a minute to think about teachers. And what better time to do so than over the Holidays, when you might be spending time with some…

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